PLA Material

PLA is an all-purpose compostable plastic available in nine fantastic Polaroid colours.

Wood Material

The ModelSmart 250S also prints in real wood filament. A sawdust base material gives you amazing wooden models.

Advanced Chip Technology

Our unique bi-directional smartchip mechanism identifies real-time accurate filament levels and also ensures the correct material is used. In addition, our Patented Helpful Printer Driver® software is included for convenient consumable re-ordering.

Z-Axis Sheets

The first layer of any print is the most important. Our Z-Axis sheets are a revolutionary transparent double-sided material applied to the print bed before each print for effortless application adhesion and removal. The Z-Axis sheets optimise highest quality outputs helping to produce smooth and blemish-free models, and also reducing premature wear-and-tear on the print head.

How to Buy

Polaroid 3D offers a number of ways to purchase the products you need.