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Slide WOW your friends with unique, personalised Candies! IMPRESS TREAT your family to individually designed Candies! your colleagues with some incredible Candy creations.

This easy-to-use Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Pen is a WORLD FIRST for the 3D pen market.

Its six fabulous, sugar-free flavours allow you to create beautiful, unique

Candies to impress family, friends or colleagues.

No plastic, no filament, no sugar!

Designed for fun!

The stylish, ergonomic design ensures a natural fit for any hand.

The Start button is positioned on the top panel of the 3D pen, allowing for natural positioning of the

hand from which to control the pen. It ensures that both right and left-handed users are able to

operate the pen with the same positive experience. It uses a USB C connection meaning it can be

used with the most up-to-date mobile technology charging cables.

Box Contents

Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Pen and Holder

4 x Candy Cartridges (Strawberry flavour)

Finishing Cartridge

1.5m / 4.9ft USB C Power Cable

Quick Start Guide

(USB power adapter not included)

Technical Specification

Model Number: 3D-FP-PL-2004-00

Power Input: A 5.0 Volt DC, 2 Amp (minimum) power adapter
(5.0VDC 2.0A) MUST be used
IMPORTANT: Using an incorrect power adapter will result in the Pen
not working correctly

Unit of Sale Dimensions: 270mm (H) x 70mm (W) x 40mm (D)

Refills: Polaroid Candy Cartridges (3D-FL-PL-2505-00, 3D-FL-PL-2506-00, 3D-FL-PL-2507-00, 3D-FL-PL-2508-00, 3D-FL-PL-2509-00, 3D-FL-PL-2510-00, 3D-FL-PL-2504-00).

USB Cable: Type-C to USB-A 1.5m / 4.9ft

Guarantee: 12 Months Manufacturer’s Guarantee (this may differ by
state/country, according to minimum statutory requirements)

Suitable for ages 14+, unless under adult supervision

Auto Turn-off after 8 mins, for added safety

Polaroid Candy Cartridges

The NEW Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Pen refill Candy Cartridges come in 6 vibrantly coloured, tasty flavours.

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How To Create your own Candy

You don’t need to be an experienced sweet maker to start creating your own unique Candy!

Simply follow the steps below to create tasty, stunning creations that will wow family, friends and colleagues!

For best results, draw directly onto grease proof paper or baking/parchment paper.

Starting Out

Using a template design (please visit for a selection of sample templates to get you started), simply place underneath a standard sheet of grease proof paper or baking paper/parchment paper and trace your design to easily create your very own edible Candies.
With 6 flavours to choose from, you can add unlimited detail and personalisation.
For something even more unique, why not include a lollipop stick in your design to create your own lollipop creations!

Next Level

Once you have mastered the art of making your own candies using templates, why not try creating your own designs! Either draw your designs onto paper and trace them using greaseproof or baking paper / parchment or free-draw! Make your own lollipops, cake toppers or sweets for your friends!

Becoming an Expert

If you’ve managed to get to grips with the above techniques, why not become an expert Candy maker, by using the CandyPlay Pen to create three-dimensional models, treats or gifts! Simply draw your designs in parts and use the Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Pen to join each of the parts together. Check out our YouTube videos to show you how to create your own candies using this technique.


Download from our selection of templates to start

creating your own amazing 3D Candies!

Download Stencils

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