Key Features

Polaroid PlaySmart 3D Printer

• One-Click instant print via models stored in the printer memory.

• Quick-release and quick-replace 0.4mm nozzle.

• 360° Fan Duct to instantly cool your filament.

• 1Kg Polaroid Universal PLA Filament included at no extra cost (RRP £23.99)

• Also included at no extra cost, the Polaroid Precise Filament Holder & Scale, allowing you to know exactly how much filament you have left on your reel at any time (RRP £19.99).

• Smart Eye technology with Smart Failure detection algorithm. Compares the stereolithography data with the actual print for optimized results.

• Aluminium-magnesium alloy heated print bed.

• 2GB ROM for model storage and video playback (video automatically recorded of every print).

•Lightweight at just 5KG

The Polaroid PlaySmart Mobile App

Send models to print, monitor your print and control your printer, all
through the amazing Polaroid PlaySmart App. Free to download from
the Google Play Store or the App Store!

• Link your Polaroid Play Smart App and printer via cloud technology.
• Connect to multiple printers from just one app.
• Once connected simply select the model to print from your phone.
• Monitor your prints via the App for peace of mind printing.
• Cancel, pause and control your printer whilst on the go!

Polaroid SmartPlay 3D Printer
Polaroid PlaySmart 3D Printer

Polaroid SmartPrep Software

• Multi-colour printing

• Print multiple items at the same time

• View, edit and save your print area before printing

• Download and print free models direct from our model library

• See how long your print will take and how much material it will use

Polaroid PlaySmart 3D Printer

The Polaroid SmartPrep 3D printing software is your platform for effortlessly preparing, editing and printing your models. Import and edit .stl files (with thousands of pre-existing designs already available for free) and then it is as simple as 2 clicks to print!
For those more advanced users, there are a small but comprehensive number of Advanced Settings that allow you to make changes to the way your model prints if you choose to.

Multi-Colour Printing

Although the Polaroid PlaySmart 3D printer has only one extruder, you can easily print models in multiple colours. By selecting Multi Colour in Polaroid SmartPrep you can pre-set points on your model for the printer to automatically pause to allow you to change your filament to another colour. When saving your file, the software then tells you exactly how long your print will take and how much material it will require. Using your Polaroid Precise Filament Holder & Scale you will then be able to ensure you have enough filament to print, meaning you will never run out of filament halfway through printing a model!

Polaroid PlaySmart 3D Printer