Tutorial Videos

Polaroid Play 3D Pen

Getting Started
Adjusting Speed Settings
Manual / Auto Extrusion
Using The Pen On Various Surfaces
Drawing Onto The Polaroid Play Trace App Screen Protector
Drawing Around Corners
Drawing Simple Sections Faster
Filling Areas Of Your Model
Assembling Parts To Create Your Model
Drawing Vertically
Free Drawing
Changing The Filament Colour
Automatically Shutting Down
How To Use Your Polaroid Play 3D Pen

Polaroid ModelSmart 250S

Setting up your Polaroid 3D printer.
Installing a filament cartridge.
Applying a Z-Axis sheet prior to printing.
Clearing a Blocked Nozzle.
Clearing a blocked nozzle using a needle.
Unblocking a Filament Jam.
Printing with a brim to prevent warping.
Preparing and editing your scene.
Printing and using Advanced settings.
Printing with or without a support structure.
Multi Colour Printing.
Cleaning the nozzle with a hard pull